Best Life Jacket

When it comes to kayaking, you have to make sure you are thinking “Safety First!” Life Jackets are essential to wear when kayaking. They can have a bad reputation of being uncomfortable but as technologies and materials continue to change, life jackets become just as effective and more comfortable. Big or small, everyone on your kayak needs a life jacket.

10 Best Kid Life Jackets

Kayaking as a family can be a very rewarding experience because it creates memories, instills confidence on the water, and encourages family bonding. The most important aspect of water adventure you should plan out is safety which makes picking what life jacket (aka PFD-Personal Flotation Device) your kiddos wear, a big decision. We have gone …

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10 Best Kayak Life Jackets

Life jackets are the most important piece of safety gear you should have when kayaking. That said, the best life jacket you can get is the one you don’t dread wearing. The great news is there are all sorts of different styles and fits to ensure you get the right one! The bad news is …

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10 Best Infant Life Jackets

It is never too early to begin to introduce your little ones to water and get them comfortable. It also allows you the best opportunity to teach them how to swim, so they do not have to sit on the sidelines on your next water-themed family vacation. However, you always want to ensure that the …

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10 Best Dog Life Jackets

Looking for the Best Dog Life Jacket? Chances are your dog will love kayaking just as much as you do! When it comes to safety on the water, only the highest quality gear will do. This should also be the case when shopping for your favorite canine pal. There are a lot of options out …

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