Pelican Apex 100 Kayak Review

The Pelican Apex 100 kayak is a lightweight, affordable sit on top rig and this boat is an excellent choice for newbies and younger paddlers. However, the boat is also a great choice for experienced yakkers on a budget searching for an affordable recreational boat.

The Pelican Apex 100 padded seat back is adjustable and the kayak can accommodate a 250 pound load. The boat weighs 43 pounds and is 10 ft. long. Store water, supplies and other essentials in the oversized cargo stern storage compartment. This rugged little boat is self-bailing to ensure that it does not take on water.

The Apex’s hull is made of RAM-X and is lighter than the rest of the body, which may intimidate some potential buyers. However, the light hull does not affect the stability or control of the vessel. In fact, the boat tracks very well for its size. The hull is durable and can withstand a lifetime of beatings on the rocks in low water. Control and maneuverability are outstanding, the Apex 100 can turn on a dime.

Molded carrier handles enable you to carry the Apex 100 to the water’s edge without kayak wheels or a transport cart. Toss the boat into the back of your truck or on top of your SUV without a great deal of effort. This model’s stability is evident as you get in and out of the boat. In fact, some customers claim that the only way to tip the Apex over would be to intentionally do so.

Because of the Apex 100‘s light frame, paddlers tend to expend more energy to keep the boat true than with a longer, heavier model. However, if you are prepared for a workout, you can tour moderate distances with the Apex. Some customers have modified the body and installed a skeg. After the installation of this accessory, the Apex 100 reportedly tracks like a pro.

Though the Pelican Apex 100 Angler kayak will suffice for casual fishing, the boat is light so if your catch is of any size at all, you may find yourself going for quite a ride. In customer reviews, owners of this model report that they have mounted rod holders and even trolling motors on the Apex for angling. You will find several places to attach accessories, such as deck loops, anchor trollies and storage hatches, on the body of the Apex 100.

The majority of customers who reviewed the Apex 100 are very happy with their purchase of this model and verify that it is definitely worth the cost. Most customers give the Apex 100 4 out of 5 stars. Customers also reveal that the most common regret of those who purchased the Apex was that they did not purchase two.

The Apex 100 rivals models that cost twice what you would spend on this kayak for durability, stability and control. This Pelican Apex 100 Kayak review agrees that this kayak earns an overall 4 out of 5 stars.