So, you have purchased a kayak…now it is time for a paddle! There are two main types of paddles: Low Angle and High Angle. Low angle paddles are the most common and what you need for recreational, fishing, and sea kayaking. High angle paddles are for more aggressive and faster paddling, like whitewater kayaking. Take a look at the paddles we have selected to make sure you aren’t “up a creek without a paddle!”

10 Best Kayak Paddles

Ever heard the saying, “up a creek without a paddle?” Don’t let that be you. Find the right paddle for your kayaking adventures and your days on the water will be smooth sailing…well smooth paddling! All of the kayak paddles we’ve reviewed here are for flatwater, touring, or ocean paddling. When purchasing a kayaking paddle, …

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10 Best Kayak Paddles for Fishing

Paddling in itself can be a satisfying and peaceful experience. But, throw in a fishing rod and the promise of a fresh catch then the reward is even more savory. With kayak fishing comes another realm of gear. In order to successfully reel them in from your boat, you need the right gear for the …

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10 Best Kayak Paddles Under $50

Finding the right kayak is vital for your enjoyment of the sport, but getting the right paddle is a close second. Paddles that are too heavy, too long or simply too uncomfortable will make it tougher for you to propel yourself smoothly, so the right fit is key. At the same time, some kayak paddles …

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