Old Town Predator MX

Old Town Predator MX Review

The Old Town Predator MX is a high quality sit-on-top hard-shell fishing kayak built for one person and all the gear you need to haul in that magnificent catch.

Navigate any type of water with this formidable angling kayak, from flatwater lakes to rolling ocean surf. With plenty of available storage for rods, tackle and gear, the Predator MX is excellent for a quick trip out on the lake or an extended fishing expedition.

The Details

The Predator MX is manufactured with precision and keen attention to detail. The slightly rounded performance Tri-Hull enhances control and tracking.

The Predator MX is stable enough that you can stand up in the boat without tipping, and the yak is equipped with foot straps to keep you balanced as you wrestle that monster aboard.

The Exo-Ridge deck ensures that you won’t slip as you move around the boat. Scupper holes drain any water that splashes up on the kayak. The Predator MX is available in four camouflage colors: Lime camo, urban (beige) camo, darker brown camo and black cherry.

Like the comparable Predator 13, the Predator MX is equipped with six removable mounting panels so you can customize the craft without drilling holes in the body.

Though the MX is similar in design to the Predator 13, the MX is a bit shorter at 12 feet long, compared to the Predator 13 at a length of 13 and 1/2 feet. The MX is also a little wider than the Predator 13, but both models weigh the same, both coming in at a hefty 82 pounds.

The Predator MX can accommodate up to 400 pounds with an interior leg length of 48 inches. Side mounted paddle storage brackets keep your oar close at hand. Store tackle and gear in the Exo-Ridge tank well or the large covered bow hatch.

The Predator MX is well suited for both the weekend warrior and the professional angler.

What Customers Say

Amazon customers who reviewed the Predator MX consistently award this boat 5 out of 5 stars. One Amazon reviewer found his factory second Old Town Predator MX for sale on the platform, but could not find a single flaw once he received the boat.

All in all, Predator MX customers are a happy lot.

The only con that is attributed to this kayak is the weight. At 82 pounds, this yak is not recommended for smaller adults or novice kayakers.

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The Verdict

The Old Town Canoe and Kayak brand name is synonymous with quality so it should come as no surprise that the Old Town Predator MX yak is a stellar boat that tends to exceed expectations.

Our examination of online customer reviews from several sources, as well as our own experiences with the Predator series, we score the Predator MX with an overall 5 out of 5 stars.

The Predator MX is a sound investment and highly recommended for the serious angler.