Sun Dolphin Kayaks Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the best Sun Dolphin Kayak? Well our ultimate guide is here to help! As with many of the kayak manufacturers out there Sun Dolphin has a heap of water craft to choose from. They range from very basic models all the way to very specific use focused designs. In an attempt to help you make sense of all they have to offer we have put together the ultimate buyers guide for Sun Dolphin Kayaks. If you want to quickly jump to a specific review, check out the below table of contents listed below. If not please read on.

Sun Dolphin Ultimate Guide Contents
aruba 8 kayak Aruba 8 Kayak Review journey 12 kayak Journey 12 Kayak Review
aruba 10 kayak Aruba 10 Kayak Reviewexcursion 10 kayak Excursion 10 Kayak Review
aruba 12 kayak Aruba 12 Kayak Reviewbali 10 kayak Bali 10 Kayak Review
journey 10 kayak Journey 10 Kayak Reviewpro 120 kayak Pro 120 Kayak Review

There are few arenas where your equipment can make such a difference like it can in the world of kayaking. You can close your eyes and almost hear the water splashing against and teasing the side of your kayak, can’t you? Maybe that sit-in kayak you were in last year, the one that made you feel close to the water and even closer to nature rekindles those memories. Sun Dolphin designs kayaks to make it easy to create these memories.

Of course, for those new to kayaking, the right kayak can be even more important. What you don’t need is a watercraft that isn’t reliable, or leaks or that is difficult to navigate. The kayaking experience will have a great deal to do with getting the right kayak for you and your desires, regardless of your experience level. That means getting the best kayak for you.

What the right kayak for you means, however, will depend on factors like the experience level of the individual and the type of waters being traversed or the purpose of the kayak. Then there is the most important factor – quality. Sun Dolphin kayaks provide that quality in affording outdoor enthusiasts a selection of kayaks that are reliable, durable and proven. Here is a quick look at some of the best kayaks offered by Sun Dolphin…

Why Choose Sun Dolphin Kayaks?

There are several different types of kayaks that are manufactured today, and they come from several different companies. When you are in the market to choose a new kayak, you want to make sure that you are spending your money on a high-quality and durable kayak that will last you for years to come.

Kayaks are used for many different purposes as well. Recreational kayaking, touring, or even fishing, there are many uses for a new kayak.

Sun Dolphin makes several kayak models that will fit your individual uses and needs for a new kayak. When choosing the right kayak for you, then you will probably want to consider the overall weight of the boat you will be purchasing. Along with the weight, another consideration would be the overall length of the boats and how much storage space the kayak will offer you. The storage may be especially important if you are an angler and are looking for a fishing kayak that offers more than enough space for all the necessary gear you will need on your trip.

Sun Dolphin offers the a great priced value when it comes to providing lightweight options that are built longer and provide more stability and durability while in the water. A longer boat also helps to improve tracking while kayaking.

Durability is another consideration to make because you do not want to have to start your search for a new boat all over after only a year. Sun Dolphin makes sure that all of their boats are UV stabilized and are made with high-density polyethylene shells. This type of material ensures that the kayak’s shell is strong, hard, and can withstand conditions such as the water, rain, and heat.

Sun Dolphin focuses on value priced designs. There are a lot of manufacturers out there making kayaks and doing a great job of it. What Sun Dolphin does better than anyone else is they make them very affordable. How do they do this? They have a different method of distribution than standard kayak manufacturers take. Sun Dolphin focuses sales in Amazon and other large national retail chains. By doing so they are able to cut costs. You are losing the service of a kayak specialty store and gaining the value of a lower price. Another way they cut price is by not offering complex kayak outfitting (seats, pads, deck rigging, ect). This reduces labor required to product the product and consequently pass that along to the customer.

Finally, Sun Dolphin takes care with their kayak designs and have models that offer comfortable seating for any paddler and some are even equipped with adjustable foot braces. The shape of the hull is also thought out and offers much needed stability, so every paddler can feel more secure while out on the water kayaking, fishing, and touring.

ItemImagePrice RangePrice

Aruba 8


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Aruba 10


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Journey 10


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Excursion 10


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Bali 10


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Pro 120


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Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 Kayak Review


In the same stream of thinking as the Aruba 10, comfort was kept at a premium with this 8 foot kayak. It is a preferred option if there are some tighter waterways to navigate. If something a bit smaller is your preference, this one is easy to transport. For ease of paddling and navigating, nothing tracks or paddles quite as easy as the Aruba 8.

Sun Dolphin’s Aruba 8 water traveler is the leading choice for kayakers seeking an expeditious vessel with plenty of hustle, vigor, and pep. Sun Dolphin offers the Aruba 8 in several different bright colors for added safety:

Remarkably compact, this zippy kayak affords users a wealth of performance attributes, most notably heightened maneuverability for an agile, nimble ride that will have kayakers eager to advance on the open waters.

The Aruba 8 kayak increased manuverability is resultant from the reduced overall dimensions compared to its larger counterparts such as the Aruba 10 and Aruba 12.


In general, the larger dimensions of more robust kayaks offer increased stability but less maneuverability than smaller models. Smaller kayaks such as the Aruba 8 feature lighter weights from a reduced amount of heavy construction materials, in addition to an overall smaller size that results in a peppy ride wit maneuverability that simply can’t be found in weightier vessels.

Read on below to learn more about the bestselling Aruba 8 kayak from Sun Dolphin!

Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 Specs:


Available colorsOcean, Red, Tangerine

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Length8 feet / 244 centimeters
Width28 inches / 71 centimeters
Height16 inches / 41 centimeters
Weight27 pounds / 12 kilograms
Capacity260 pounds


Key Features
Dry-storage compartment keeps essentials safeExpansive cockpit accommodates a variety of differently sized kayakers
Bungee-style shock cord deck rigging secures gear and equipment safelyUser-friendly integrated molded paddle holder
Included spray collarBright color options provide easy-to-see visibility on the water
Convenient carrying handles make transport easyPolyethylene body featuring ultraviolet stabilized protective Fortiflex
Lighter weight enables easy transportCushioned adjustable seat
Enables users to effortlessly paddle and track without compromising stabilityConvenient built-in deeply recessed water bottle holder


Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 Pros and Cons

    • No mater what kayak you buy there are pros and cons to all of them. They all have there trade offs. Heres what we found on the Aruba 8.
    •  Budget-oriented – priced at just under $200. Enables beginning kayakers an easily affordable entry option into discovering the world of kayaking. Kayaking aficionados are also able to purchase the Aruba 8 to add to their fleet as an extra kayak
    • Features carrying handles – very important for many kayakers, the carrying handles enable effortless transport to and from the car to the water, in addition to enabling easy lifting and storage
    • Unparalleled maneuverability – Among the smallest, most lightweight kayaks on the market, the Aruba 8 offers a very maneuverable ride in a spectrum of locales such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and fishing spots. Turns on a dime.
    • Unique color options feature cheerily vivid hues that offer a pop of color on the water, while also providing optimal visibility for users to prevent against collisions
    • A fantastic starter option for kids who want to venture into kayaking


  • Versatile – Great for occasional kayakers, novices, avid paddlers, and seasoned pros
  • Design construction featuring smaller overall dimensions but a taller height along with a lack of accessories results in a 10-pound increase (260 pounds) in accommodating weight (when compared to the Aruba 10 and its 250-pound weight capacity)
  • Sleek, low profile kayak offers a pleasantly quiet ride
  • Included spray deflectors enable users to effectively take on rapid water conditions (such as in rivers) without the risk of becoming soaked in airborne water
  • A highly customizable vessel that users can modify and personalize to reflect their personality and meet their individual needs
  • Adjustable design on leg straps and seats allows users to customize the interior for optimal comfort
  • Can easily accommodate a range of accessories such as add-on fishing rod holders or outriggers to provide heightened anchoring weight while on fishing excursions

  •  Sits somewhat low in the water
  • Slower than the Aruba 10 and 12
  • Features a slightly higher overall height which may prove cumbersome in for casting, reeling, and overall user maneuverability while in the cockpit
  • Lower degree of stability is resultant from the vessels lighter weight, smaller proportions, and reduced measurements
  • Diminutively-sized dry storage compartment cannot accommodate many items
  • Seat features lower-end materials than more expensive models from Sun Dolphin
  • No foot braces or foot pegs to rest feet
  • Lacks fishing rod holders
  • Reduced tracking ability
  • No additional storage such as a tow-behind Personal Accessory Carrier

Verdict on the Aruba 8 Kayak

Consumers love this entry-level kayak with its budget-oriented pricing, peppy performance ability, and cheerfully bright color options. Available in vivid hues such as tangerine, red, and a beautiful bright Ocean blue, the Aruba 8 is a sight to behold on the waters.

Performance-oriented, this compact kayak is remarkably quick. With its slightly increased height, two-foot reduction in overall length from the competing Aruba 10, and immensely low weight of just twenty-seven pounds, the Aruba 8 offers kayakers the fast-paced ride they desire along with a sufficient degree of stability to ensure safe water travels.

There is an abundance of reasons as to why legions of consumers opt for the Aruba 8 over the larger sized Aruba 10 and Aruba 12 models.

Aside from the immense reduction in size that ultimately provides the kind of maneuverability performance kayakers are seeking, the Aruba 8 is incredibly affordable and priced at just under $200. In comparison, the Aruba 10 and 12 are available at anywhere from $237 to $699 and $448 to $899, respectively.

Increasing consumer desire are the user-friendly, convenient carrying handles that are typically not found on larger-sized kayaks.

Kayaking aficionados have long been bemoaning the fact that their beloved large-sized kayaks pose a multitude of issues in terms of carrying, transport, and storage.

With their heavy weights and long dimensions, these large kayaks are not able to fit into truck beds and also require an expansive storage space to protect from the sun and elements.

In contrast, the Aruba 8 has compact dimensions that render it an easily portable that is effortlessly carried and stored. With its lightweight and user-friendly carry handles, moving this kayak is a breeze.

Highlighting the convenience factor is the fact that the Aruba 8 is diminutive enough to be placed on many types of truck beds, within large SUVs and atop automobile roof racks.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 kayak is one heck of a value. One of the least expensive kayaks out there with solid performance for the entry level paddler. It’s almost impossible to find any kayak priced in the mid 200 dollar range let alone one that is so versatile. Sure it is slower on the water than the Aruba 10 and 12 but the trade off gets you a less expensive kayak that is super easy to load on your car as well as carry to the water. We give it a thumbs up to anyone looking for a low priced entry level kayak any one would feel comfortable taking for a spin!

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Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Kayak Review

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is a popular 10 foot sit-in hard shell kayak, consistently highly rated by past customers. This sit-in kayak is in the low to medium – low price range, so it is often chosen by beginners and occasional paddlers.

The Aruba 10 sits in the middle of the Aruba collection of Kayaks from Sun Dolphin. The Aruba 8 is 8 ft long, Aruba 10 is 10 ft and, Aruba 12 is as you would guess 12 ft long.

Why make such a big deal about length? Well its a big deal in kayaks as well as all boats actually. Thing is the longer the kayak te faster it will go. Not that its a race. Another way to think about it is the longer your kayak it is the less energy – or easier- it will be to go from point A to B. So a longer kayak is preferable. To a point that is. After about 12 feet long kayaks get hard to manage off the water. So typically for most paddlers the magic length is somewhere between 10 and 12 feet long. Bam thats right where the Aruba 10 sits.

Perfect for the beginner that is still learning the ins and outs of kayaking and also ideal for the seasoned pro who is just looking to explore or have a moment of relaxation upon the lake. This 10 footer Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 kayak is considered to be the most popular size for many kayaking purposes and is designed for comfort. Features like the adjustable padded seats and handy cup holders are evidence of the intent and purpose of this cozy kayak. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is flexible, versatile and a good fit for all paddlers.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 kayak weighs a moderate 40 pounds and is equipped with towing handles on both bow and stern, so one person can handle loading, unloading and launching this model without a great deal of effort.

The Aruba’s brilliantly designed high-density polyethylene hull optimizes both tracking and turns, which you will find is a rare combination with smaller, lightweight kayaks.

An adjustable padded seat and protective thigh pads ensure that you stay comfortable during longer excursions. It is also equipped with high back support for improved comfort as well. The water bottle holder is easily within reach while you sit in the cockpit and paddle.

The Aruba 10 is available in four safety colors: Lime green, ocean blue, neon orange and bright pink. This durable solo expedition and touring kayak will last for years with normal use.

You will also find that tracking and stability of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 are excellent due to the narrow bow and stern. Instead of pushing water around, this kayak will go right through it.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Features:

When discussing a good sit-in kayak, the mind will usually go to the overall comfort that the boat can provide the paddler. With that being said, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 does not disappoint. The features mentioned above including the large and open cockpit and adjustable foot braces make this the perfect kayak if you are more interested in longer excursions on the water. You will not have to sacrifice any comfort and your body will thank you.
If you find that you will have a good amount of gear that you need to take with you, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 offers sufficient storage space and also features a removable Portable Accessory Carrier (PAC) which also acts as a tow behind and backpack.

The overall construction of this sit-in kayak is also high-quality, and this boat is made to be strong and durable with the use of the high-density polyethylene materials and molded Fortiflex with the UV inhibitor. The UV inhibitor will ensure that your kayak remains looking new and in good condition for longer, even when exposed to the hot sun for extended periods of time.
The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 also comes with a built-in spray deflecting collar to help keep you drier than you would usually be on any other recreational kayak.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Pros and Cons:

Whenever you are looking to make a sizable investment in a product, you will most likely find it necessary to weigh both the pros and cons of the purchase. In the case of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-In Kayak, we have gone ahead and found them for you and then included reviews from customers to help you with the decision-making process.

  • Very lightweight design with retractable handles- easy to carry and transport
  • Offers improved stability and reduces the chances of tipping over
  • Sit-in design for added comfort, also makes it easy to get in and out of the boat
  • Comes at a very reasonable and affordable price point
  • Choose from many different color options including lime green to offer higher visibility
  • This kayak is ideal for all paddlers of all different ages
  • Small and compact enough to transport easily in your car
  • May not be suitable for rougher water conditions and may lose some stability
  • Should only be used on flatwater and calm waters and will not do well with choppy water or waves
  • There are no drain plugs which means the water can enter the boat easily through the drain holes
  • If you are an angler interested in kayak fishing and are more than five feet, 8-inches tall, then it is not suitable for kayak fishing due to the limited storage in the cockpit’s storage hatch
  • Really only suitable for a solo paddler


What Customers Say

One kayaking novice who posted a very favorable Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 review stated that the boat is perfect for her small size. She is able to load the Aruba onto the top of her Jeep, and then easily unload the kayak at waterside by herself. She also notes that the Aruba feels very solid and stable, and she experiences no fear of tipping over in the water.

Another contented customer states that the Aruba 10 is the perfect kayak for streams, lakes and rivers. He gives the Aruba a rating of five out of five stars, but adds the caveat that this kayak is not really optimal for whitewater trips.

This reviewer indicates that he uses his Aruba 10 for fishing as he can store his fishing gear in the dry well. He made some inexpensive additions to the boat, including a rod holder and a few more bungees, and he considers the Aruba 10 to be a “great boat for the price.”

Very few less than favorable reviewers are critical of the Aruba. A few indicate that the kayak is not well suited for rough, rocky creek bottoms or upper level rapids. The boat can crack with too much abuse to the bottom.

That said, most customers agree that the Aruba is a great recreational yak for cruising calm lakes, easy streams and mellow rivers. A few purchasers have even tested the weight limits, exceeding the recommended 250 pound, with reported success.

Weekend kayakers appreciate the easy-to-transport, lightweight body. Anglers like the fact that you get a lot of boat for the price when compared to higher end fishing kayaks.

>> Click here for more owner reviews on the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10<<

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Verdict

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 usually makes an appearance on Amazon’s Top Rated and Bestsellers lists, as well as many other top lists. In addition to our meta-review of customers’ opinions, we personally evaluated the Aruba on five dimensions: Quality, Durability, Speed, Maneuverability, and Price.

On a five-star scale, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 scores an overall 4.5 stars in our review.

Our meta-review of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 concludes that this kayak is an excellent choice for new kayakers who want to experience the sport, as well as seasoned navigators and paddlers who are searching for a lower priced, but very well-made boat.

The majority of reviewers agree that the Aruba 10 is an excellent kayak for the price. Most buyers are very content with their purchasing decision and have nothing but kudos for the Aruba 10.

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Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 Kayak Review

The fishing rod mounts that are in the spacious seating area of this 12 footer hints to what the designer was thinking with the Sun Dolphin Aruba 12. This sit-in kayak, like the aforementioned kayaks, has delivered that easy to handle advantage that all experience levels will appreciate. It should also be noted that this 12 foot water vessel still only weighs 47 pounds and is the perfect option for a fishing kayak.

Sun Dolphin proclaims their kayaks to be “built for a lifetime of enjoyment,” and enabling kayakers to experience the water in a thrilling, unprecedented fashion. Sun Dolphin full lineup of kayaks come in a vast array of colors, models, and price points to fit the specific needs and budget of every buyer.

The Aruba 12 is a part of the Sun dolphin Aruba family of kayaks. The Aruba 8, 10 and 12 are all aimed at making kayaking as enjoyable as possible. The lengths correspond to the number in the kayaks name. What is important about that is length gives you speed. and reduces maneuverability. So the 12 is the fastest and 8 the most maneuverable.

Heralded for their exceptionally smooth rides, Sun Dolphin watercraft fleet are used in myriad aquatic activities from canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and particularly kayaking.

The company’s high-performance Evoke polyethylene rotomolded kayaks exemplify their commitment to creating high-end performance products that deliver the stability, security, and comfort kayakers demand and desire.

Lauded by kayaking professionals as the best-bang-for-the-buck kayak available on the market, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 is ideal for adventurers looking for the perfect combination of value, performance, and durability.

Used by novice kayakers and seasoned professionals alike, the Sun Dolphin Aruba comes in a recreational model in addition to a fishing model for anglers.


Read on below to discover all the most essential information about the Sun Dolphin Aruba 12, including but not limited to, pricing, product specifics, and a wealth of useful tips and advice.


Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 Specs:


Available colorsBlue, Lime, Red

Check Price

Length12 feet / 366 centimeters
Width29.5 inches / 75 centimeters
Height13.5 inches / 33 centimeters
Weight47 pounds / 21 kilograms
Capacity395 pounds / 179 kilograms
OptionsRecreational or fishing kayak models


Key Features

Hands-free console for electronic devicesLarge expansive cockpit for unparalleled comfort
Adjustable braces for the feetConvenient paddle holder
Thick padded protection for thighsFully removable additional storage options
Multiple holders for beverages and waterArray of handy storage and organizational compartments
Convenient carrying handles for easy transportAdjustable seats with comfort padding
Deck rigging with durable shock cords to secure paddles, boat covers, and leashesOptional aftermarket dry bag and bluetooth equipment available


The Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 SS kayak is the archetypal kayak for water enthusiasts and fishing aficionados. Providing secure, stable, and comfortable rides on each and every outing, the Aruba 12 SS is as reliable as they come.

Amongst the hundreds of competing products on the kayak market, the Aruba 12 SS stands out as a distinctive choice that encompasses affordability while providing high performance and robust durability.

The impressive strength of the Aruba is due in large part to its special “Evoke”
Polyethylene rotomolded construction. Far superior to fiberglass kayaks, this type of construction refers to the process of rotational molding which involves a slow and consistent rotation during the cooking of the polyethylene plastic used to fabricate the kayak.


During rotations, the polyethylene is slowly rendered to a liquid state and gradually moves to completely coat the surface of the mold in a smooth, even fashion. As a result of the rotational cooking, the finished product is rock-hard, immensely durable, and ideal for the long shape of traditional kayaks.

A kayak is only as good as the mold it is created from, and Sun Dolphin’s unrelenting pursuit of being the premier choice for contemporary markets has garnered them a reputation as being the source behind the best molds available anywhere.

The Aruba 12 exemplifies Sun Dolphin’s dogged commitment to sheer excellence; via the painstaking process involving the rotomolded polyethylene construction, this kayak is incredibly hard, with durable construction and smooth, even polish that is resultant in this large-sized kayak effortlessly gliding across the open water in a graceful yet purposeful manner.


Highlighting the Aruba’s impeccable construction are a vast array of benefits that create a wonderfully thrilling user experience. These benefits include, but are not limited to the following:

Benefits and Highlights
Effortless on-board loading and unloadingIncreased durability and ease of repairing from polyethylene construction
Copious amount of room for gear and equipmentStable and sturdy even in windy conditions
Protective console coveringIncluded spray collar
Superior construction enables exceptionally smooth travel across waterFlush mounted rod holders on fishing model kayaks
Premium design materials incorporated into interior and exterior constructionsFirst-rate steering and tracking abilities
Copious amount of space for comfort across extended journeysEasy portability
Ultraviolet stabilized finish withstands all weather conditionsSuperior stability even in rougher water conditions


Water enthusiasts the world over recognize Sun Dolphin as a solid value brand for recreational and fishing kayaks. Seasoned pros are well aware that cheaper, lower quality kayaks can significantly diminish the potential for having great aquatic experiences.

Sun Dolphin aims to fulfill the needs of kayakers, whether they are seasoned professionals or novices just entering the world of kayaking. With their highly affordable Aruba 12 kayak, Sun Dolphin has created a large-scale kayak offering plenty of interior room, ultra-convenient features, and a high-performance body that effortlessly cuts through the open water.

If you are looking for the absolute best kayak on the market, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 is undoubtedly the model to invest in. Backed by countless glowing online reviews, years of cutting-edge design research, and an internationally renowned reputation, Sun Dolphin and its Aruba 12 are a fundamental essential to starting your next journey across the open waters.

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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Kayak Review

The best of both the kayak and fishing boat worlds might be a hybrid like the Sun Dolphin Journey 10. This 10 foot sit-on fishing kayak offers the amenities of a fishing boat and the benefits of a kayak. The ease of transport, kayak navigating, and paddling make it perfect for those places you want to fish but that aren’t easily accessible. Fishing and kayaking fun come together with the Journey 10, an ideal vessel for both kayaking and fishing lovers.

The Journey 10 from Sun Dolphin is the slightly smaller counterpart to their Journey 12 model.

Exceedingly lightweight and surprisingly affordable, this compact kayak is an ideal option for the budget minded consumer seeking limitless kayaking and fishing fun.

A member of the entry-level watercraft lineup from Sun Dolphin, the Journey 10 makes up in maneuverability where it lacks in size. Able to achieve tight turning radiuses in comparison to the Journey 12 and Pro 120, this little kayak will have users delightfully zipping around the open waters of lakes, ponds, rivers and more.

Designated as a single-person vessel, this Journey 10 comfortably accommodates adults of all shapes, sizes, heights, and weights. The expansive interior features an array of components geared towards providing exceptional comfort over extended time and travel on the water.

Users can opt to use this recreational kayaking or for sport fishing endeavors. Countless have online reviewers have proclaimed this multi-use yak as the premier choice on the market for entry-level buyers seeking a portable, easy to use, and highly customizable vessel that reflects their personality and individual taste.


Read on below to discover more essential information about Sun Dolphin Journey 10 kayak, including product specifications and a comprehensive review.


Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Foot Kayak Specs:

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Kayak

Available ColorsSand, Olive

Check Price

Length120 inches / 305 centimeters
Width30 inches / 75 centimeters
Height13 inches / 33 centimeters
Weight44 pounds / 20 kilograms
Shipping Weight50 pounds / 24 kilograms
Kayak TypeSit-On
Seating CapacityOne person
Capacity250 pounds / 113 kilograms


Key Features and Highlights
Super strong shock cord deck riggingAdjustable foot braces
Easily accessible paddle holdersRetracting carry handles for easy transport
Tow-behind capability using the included Personal Accessory Carriers - safely transports gear, equipment, and moreUltra-lightweight construction enables user to effortlessly carry, transport, and store the vessel
Included thigh pads for additional user protectionEasy paddling and tracking for even the most novice kayakers
High-density polyethylene construction with UV-stabilized Fortiflex materialsPlenty of onboard storage compartments
Broad, generously sized seat provides maximum comfort even on extended aquatic travelWide-construction cockpit features expansive space and ease of entry and disembarking
Dual flush mount rod holders in addition to a single swiveling rod holderIncluded portable accessory carrier offers extra storage and organization
Drawbacks and Miscellaneous Information
  • Included lifetime warranty for deck and hull good for a full year after date of purchase along with a one-year parts warranty
  • Canadian capacity standards may vary. Please verify capacity prior to purchase to ensure your expectations and needs are met
  • Offers more maneuverability than the Journey 12, while offering more stability than the Journey 8 with more speed
  • No included scuppers
  • No side handles to assist with carrying

Verdict on the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Kayak


A paragon watercraft vessel second to none, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Kayak is a zippy, aerodynamic vessel that is remarkably fast and agile, and ultimately provides a deft, nimble and secure ride on every aquatic expedition.

Offering kayakers exceptionally smooth, stable and quiet outings on the water, the Journey 10 is the ideal kayak for solo excursionists desiring the perfect combination of speed, agility, reliability, and affordable pricing.

Convenience and comfort are satisfied through a vast multitude of well thought-out details occupying the interior and exterior space of the kayak.


The extensive lineup of outstanding features includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • A capacious cockpit featuring a deep-set construction for effortless on-board entry and exiting
  • The sit-on-top conception is favorable for fishing excursions and provides easy casting while also enabling kayakers to spend a copious amount of time on the water without experiencing discomfort or fatigue
  • Supplementary comfort-oriented design components such as a fully padded seat and seat back along with plenty of legroom and adjustable foot braces grant users of all sizes to cozily occupy the vessel in a pleasantly comfortable manner
  • Singularly exceptional tracking, paddling, and maneuvering performance provide a delightfully pleasing on-water experience for novice kayakers and seasoned pros alike
  • Abundance of integrated storage compartments to accommodate all of your essentials, equipment, and various gear
  • Included Portable Accessory Carrier providing additional storage opportunities in a tow-behind fashion. Can also be used as a backpack.
  • User essentials are further protected by special waterproof dry-storage storage nooks and secured shock cord deck rigging
  • Triple rod holders (two flush-mounted stationary and one swiveling holder) bestow effortless and easy fishing
  • Fabricated to last an extended amount of time, the Sun Dolphin 10 features top-quality design materials such as ultraviolet-stabilized Fortiflex polyethylene, resulting in a robust, rugged, and ultra-durable vessel that will withstand the test of time and extended use
  • Lightweight construction affords journeyers effortless transporting and storage
  • Protective thigh pads ensure safety through a trip’s entirety

Even with its minor drawbacks (no scuppers or carrying handles, along with reduced stability in comparison to the more robust Journey 12), the Journey 10 is a value-oriented angler kayak that is well worth the investment.

Jam-packed with intelligent design details, this compact kayak can be taken out for a peaceful ride on the water or as a superlative fishing vessel bestowing users with the comfort, stability, and performance needed for consistently successful excursions.

The immensely affordable pricing of this popular kayak is highlighted by its prototypical construction featuring all-inclusive and flawlessly executed design facets along with an unyieldingly assertive performance construction.

Epitomizing the best of what the contemporary kayak market has to offer, Sun Dolphin Journey 10 is proudly made in the United States and is an unrivaled watercraft brimming with an abundance of user-friendly perks and is well-suited for users of all skill levels, from beginners to avid paddlers and seasoned experts.

Buy the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 today to be well on your way to traversing your most favorite water locales; from lakes, rivers, secluded fishing spots, ponds and more, the Journey 10 will have you zipping about in glorious high-speed fun.

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Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Kayak Review

Every angler has gear and some anglers have more gear than others. Do you want more room? Maybe you are just a taller person or do you just want the advantages of a 12 foot vessel? The Sun Dolphin Journey 12 sit-on fishing kayak is your best bet. For those wondering about that extra gear room, the Journey 12 offers the P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) that can be used as extra storage, so go ahead and bring that other tackle box.

The Journey 12 Kayak is a member of Sun Dolphin’s family of extraordinary watercraft products. Well regarded as the ideal choice for beginning kayakers, the Journey 12 features a robust build that comfortably accommodates adult users of all sizes. Its two feet  longer than its counterpart the Journey 10. Which makes the Journey 12 noticeably faster water speed (read easier to get from point A to B) and a little bit slower to turn  (meaning larger turning radius) then the 10 foot Journey.

Lightweight construction and convenient size afford novice kayakers the easy transport and the ability to discover the many pleasures of kayaking on lakes, rivers, secluded fishing areas, and a range of other water environments.

Heightening the user experience are a low profile sit-on style seating area, effortless tracking and paddling motions, high-performance water traveling action, and unwavering all-over stability keeping kayakers safe and secure during their journeys.

The Journey 12 is an easy purchase decision; enabling new kayakers liberation from the confines of the shore and into the beckoning waters, this highly affordable, easy to carry, and immensely maneuverable watercraft is truly a revelation for those looking to engage in aquatic recreation.

The Journey 12 offers a copious amount of space for single kayakers. Its spacious interior is accented with a bevy of thoughtful design elements to make organization, storage, and overall efficiency a breeze.


Read on below to discover more valuable information about Sun Dolphin’s remarkable Journey 12 kayak!


Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Foot Kayak Overview

Journey 12 top view/>

Product Specs
Available colorsOlive, Sand

Check Price

Length12 feet / 366 centimeters
Width29.5 inches / 75 centimeters
Height14 inches / 36 centimeters
Weight48 pounds / 108 kilograms
Shipping Weight54 pounds / 24 kilograms
Kayak TypeSit-on
Seating CapacityOne person
Capacity395 pounds / 179 kilograms


Key Features and Highlights

Durable shock cord deck riggingRetracting carry handles for easy transport
Conveniently integrated paddle holdersFully adjustable braces for the feet
High-density polyethylene construction features ultraviolet stabilizing FortiflexIdeal for many aquatic environments including, but not limited to, lakes, rivers, and fishing locales
Open cockpit style design enables effortlessly easy on-deck entrySeat is fully adjustable to perfectly accommodate a wide range of body types, weights, and heights
Tow-behind design ability for extra gear, equipment, and moreOnboard portable accessory carriers provide generous storage and organizational opportunities
Expansive seating area with comfort paddingUltra-protective thigh pads
Lightweight constructionOffers maximum stability in a range of water terrains
Three fishing rod holders including dual flush mounted and a single swivel rod holderEffortless tracking and paddling gives novice kayakers ease of mobility and heightened performance


Drawbacks and Miscellaneous Considerations
  • Comes with a limited lifetime deck and hull warranty
  • Canadian capacity standards vary. Refer to informational tag affixed to the dealership or seller’s kayak to verify capacity
  • A one-year parts warranty offers coverage for up to one year after the date of purchase
  • Limited access between hulls results in difficulty performing repairs or modifications
  • Some storage compartments feature a small and awkward fit
  • Absence of scuppers preventing wet seating and deck
  • Lack of side handles creates slightly cumbersome transport issues
  • Overall construction affords stability but detracts from maneuverability

Verdict on the Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Kayak

Geared for ready-to-go use, Sun Dolphin Journey 12 kayak offers thrilling, high-performance water adventures for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Outfitted with dual flush mounted rod holders and a single swivel-action rod holder, the Journey 12 kayak offers impressive maneuverability and unparalleled tracking ability on the open waters.

With a smaller stature designed for single kayaker use, the large and expansive cockpit style seating area enables effortless entry and plenty of onboard mobility and comfort. Kayakers of all shapes and sizes are able to enjoy the versatile Journey 12; from the copious interior space to the fully adjustable foot braces, convenience and ease of use are paramount in this user-friendly vessel.

A multitude of thoughtful design components can be found within the Journey 12. Of particular note is the ultra-convenient portable accessory carrier offering plenty of extra storage along with an ability to be towed behind the kayak, as opposed to taking up valuable onboard space.

Nearly anything can be stored in the portable accessory carrier – extra supplies, gear, and important fishing equipment like tackles and bait can efficiently be transported along with kayakers. The versatility of the portable accessory carrier is further exemplified by its ability to be transformed into a handy backpack to tote along while on shore.

The Journey 12 is distinct from its Journey 10 counterpart through its vastly increased stability. Able to sturdily navigate slightly rougher waters with ease, the Journey 12 features just enough length to be the perfect vessel in a range of water environments and terrains.

Consumers appreciate the heightened stability found on the Journey 12, although many bemoan the fact that the increased size is resultant in a kayak that can turn a bit slower. At over two and a half feet wide and featuring a hull that greatly aids in ensuring comprehensive stability, this kayak is built for security and safety from the beginning to the end of your travel excursion.

Journey 12 is a great length and would be considered a perfect one size kayak for a new kayaker that is not sure of exactly how they plan to use it at first. This is because at 12 feet long it does a lot of things well. Compared to a 10 foot kayak the kayak’s length does detract from maneuverability slightly and renders the kayak more appropriate for small to mid sized bodies of water. Kayakers who desire excursions in the more technical waters of large lakes and oceans should instead opt for a touring-style kayak made to withstand the roughest of water conditions.
Despite the larger turning radius, the Journey 12 remains a consumer favorite for its robust construction and immense stability, along with its relative ease of use. Cutting through gentle waters smoothly, the Journey 12 is easy to paddle, maneuver, and offers plenty of safe fun for users of all ages and experience levels.

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Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Kayak Review

Many would say that the best way to experience fishing and kayaking would be with a sit-in fishing kayak. If you are one of those, the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 deserves your attention. Geared to make your fishing experience successful with two flush mount rod holders and a swivel rod holder as well. Yet this 10 foot kayak remains just that and is perfect for a lazy day on the pond for some recreational kayaking or for some weekend fishing, or maybe a bit of both?

excursion 10

Sun Dolphin’s Excursion 10 kayak has been present on bestseller lists of major sporting goods sites online. Receiving plenty of accolades and glowing consumer reviews, the Excursion 10 is a venerable boat that has garnered international recognition.

An all-in-one vessel perfect for long, lazy days skimming the open waters, fishing expeditions, and vigorous recreational kayaking, the Excursion 10 encompasses a wealth of virtues that consumers demand and expect from a performance kayak.

Also available in a more robust twelve-foot version, the Excursion 10 comes in three different nature-oriented colors such as olive, sand, and green. Designed as a sit-in rig, this performance vessel offers plenty of spacious comfort for kayakers and fishermen on extended adventures.

Replete with an abundance of user-friendly technical features along with a high-tech ultraviolet polyethylene construction that renders the boat stable even in rougher waters, the Excursion 10 remains the perennial choice among kayaking aficionados.

Read on below to discover a wealth of information about the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10, including, but not limited to, product specifics, benefits, and a comprehensive review discussing the many attributes of this renowned kayak.

Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Fishing Kayak Specs:


Available colorsOlive, Sand, Green

Check Price

Length10 feet / 305 centimeters
Width30 inches / 76 centimeters
Height13 inches / 33 centimeters
Weight41 pounds / 19 kilograms
Capacity250 pounds / 113 kilograms
OptionsRecreational or fishing kayak models

Key Features
Spacious storage compartmentSpacious sit-in style cockpit
Fully adjustable foot braces for users of all sizesConvenient on-board paddle holder
Padded thigh protectionPair of flush mounted rod holders along with a swivel rod holder
Secure gear and other essentials with shock cord deck riggingUltraviolet stabilized Fortiflex high-heat baked Polyethylene construction prevents peeling and cracking from the sun and other environmental elements
Lighter weight enables easy transportThick, padded adjustable seats
Enables users to effortlessly paddle and track without compromising stabilityConvenient built-in water bottle holder

Verdict on the Sun Dolphin Excursion 10

The Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 is an all-inclusive kayak providing all the performance elements that kayakers and fishermen appreciate in a top-of-the-line rig.

The wealth of technical features integrated within the Excursion 10 is astounding; from its robust Fortiflex construction to its abundance of user-friendly interior components, the Excursion 10 truly has everything any kayaking fan could want in a well-appointed recreational and fishing vessel.

The performance capabilities of the Excursion 10 are immense. In addition to its substantially unyielding and exceptionally well-built Polyethylene construction are the following features:

  • Fully adjustable foot braces ensuring users of all sizes optimal paddling positions
  • Weighs a mere forty-one pounds, thus enabling users to effortlessly carry, transport, and store their kayak
  • An overall width of thirty-one inches provides immense stability during tracking and paddling in addition to rougher water conditions
  • Sit-in style enclosed cockpit excels at keeping water out even during vigorous paddling – Cavernously wide design is unrestrictive and enables users of all sizes to reel, cast, paddle, and track with ease
  • Well-padded fully adjustable seat provides comfort to users of all sizes and guarantees further comfortability during long periods on the water
    Plenty of included fishing accessories such as a pair of mounted fishing rods and a single swivel-style rod holder
  • Users can stay hydrated with the inclusion of a built-in onboard water bottle holder
  • Store and secure equipment, gear, and other essentials via the ultra-strong bungee material shock cord deck rigging that removes the need to tie cumbersome knots and is great at absorbing shock
  • Thick-padded thigh pads provide excellent protection and keep knees from becoming uncomfortably sore during extended aquatic missions’
  • Sit-in style kayak situates users low in the vessel and provides a comparatively lower center of gravity for increased stability
  • Can accommodate users of all sizes up to 250 pounds


Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 Cons:
  • As a result of the larger width of this vessel, speed is slightly compromised. This may be of concern to seasoned pros and avid paddlers but should be more than sufficient for beginners and novices.
  • Olive and Sand colors are available at the base price, while the green is typically more expensive at most retail stores.
  • Compared to the Sun Dolphin Aruba 12, this kayak is able to accommodate much less weight. This may be of concern to some larger-sized users.
  • Not as stable as the slightly longer, more robust 12 foot models from Sun Dolphin.


Ideal for a wide range of water terrains, from rivers, lakes, ponds and more, Sun Dolphin’s Excursion 10 encompasses the perfect combination of a compact profile combined with increased maneuverability performance than comparative twelve-foot kayak models.

Available at a far more affordable price than the competing Aruba 12, this kayak is the premier choice for consumers looking for a performance vessel that is budget-oriented, offers plenty of stability, and ample maneuverability.

With similar measurements in terms of width and height to the Aruba 12, the Excursion 10 doesn’t skimp on stability. With a two-foot reduction in overall length, this mighty vessel is compact enough to provide the increased maneuverability desire while maintaining the stability and security they need.

excursion 10-side

Consumers tout the virtues of the sit-in style enclosed cockpit and its increased level of comfort over sit-on style kayaks. In addition to offering optimal comfort, the enclosed sit-in style of the Excursion 10 protects users from the elements, as well as ensuring that excess water does not make its way in. The end result is a vastly warmer, comfortably dry kayaking experience that lets users enjoy extended adventures out on the open waters.

The enclosed cockpit style also provides a sportier boating experience due to user’s legs being situated within the well to result in strokes that are smooth and full of power.

Power is key in the Excursion 10; with the increase in energy and force, users are able to command their vessels in performance-oriented ways to ensure a thrilling yet comfortable ride that is both entertaining and pleasant.

Among the litany of kayaks available on the market today, the Excursion 10 stands out in all its distinctive glory. A favorite among kayaking fans, this venerable boat is immensely affordable, provides unparalleled security and stability and optimal performance to ultimately please the most discriminating of buyers.

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Sun Dolphin Bali 10 Kayak Review

Sit-on kayaks come in many shapes and sizes, at least when it comes to getting the right one for you. Especially for newer paddlers, the Sun Dolphin Bali 10 has shown to be a good match. The reviews have illuminated this as the Bali 10 seems to be getting some very common refrain…

“I’m sort of a newbie to paddling. I didn’t know what to expect with the sit on kayak, I always used a canoe in the past. This Bali 10 SS is light and maneuverable in the water and very easy to paddle.”

The deck can either be opened or closed. When it is open it means there are bungees to hold down any gear you may have, but it is open to the elements as well. To seal the compartment to avoid your gear getting wet there is a piece that fits specially for this model. View the photo below.

Just as an extra bonus, the open cockpit allows for easier entry and exit so the beginner can spend more time in the kayak and less time in the water!

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Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Review

While the Aruba 12 may have had the idea of fishing in mind, the serious fishing fan will almost always opt for the true fishing boat. That would look like the Sun Dolphin Pro 120, complete with navigation lights and troll motor hook up. This two-seat fishing boat bears the same quality which is seen in the durable construction of the rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex® High Density Polyethylene shell which is also found in the Sun Dolphin kayaks.


Sun Dolphin’s extensive fleet of exceptionally built watercrafts are the leading choice for kayakers, recreational anglers, canoers, and more. Holding true to their adage of being “built for a lifetime of enjoyment,” Sun Dolphin continues to make the best aquatic equipment at a very affordable price on the market, with their products encompassing the virtues of performance, affordability, and reliability.

Among their current outstanding lineup of kayaks, Sun Dolphin Pro 120 stands apart from its counterparts as a tour de force in water travel. The Pro 120’s impressive countenance is comprised of substantial polyethylene materials, attractive forest green, and soft beige color combinations, and rugged looks to result in a kayak that is highly suggestive of thrilling water excursions and aquatic adventures.

The tremendous size of the Pro 120 does not inhibit performance as much as you would think. Offering unruffled and velvety smooth rides throughout the open water, the Pro 120 is a high-performance piece of equipment that consistently delivers the results that seasoned anglers demand and expect.


Read on below to learn more about Sun Dolphin Pro 120. Our informative primer is packed full of product specifications, benefits, highlights, and pricing in addition to a thoroughly extensive review and useful tips and recommendations.



Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Fishing Boat Specs:


Available colorsForest Green / Soft Beige

Check Price

Length11 feet 3 inches / 343 centimeters
Width5 feet 2 inches / 157 centimeters
Height24 inches / 61 centimeters
Weight238 pounds / 108 kilograms
Shaft Length3 feet
Seating Capacity2 People
Capacity600 pounds / 272 kilograms
OptionsRecreational or fishing kayak models
Horsepower15 horsepower rating
Trolling Motor Maximum Thrust40 pounds


Key Features and Highlights
Included oarlock socketsPressure treated .75-inch thick plywood deck construction
In-built motor mountFully fused operator control panel
High-density polyethylene construction features ultraviolet stabilizing FortiflexCasting deck with heavy duty and long-lasting carpeting materials
Floor construction featuring foam injected materials including polyethyleneDual swiveling seats offer plenty of paddled comfort
Additional stability, rigidity, and control is provided through aluminum stringersElectric trolling motor featuring a pre-wired design
Approved to meet United States Coast Guard and CE safety specificationsSpacious aerating and self-draining livewell
Proprietary tri-hull design offers fantastic control, stability, and range of movementIndustrial-grade anodized aluminum handrails for exceptional safety and security
Conveniently integrated rod holdersTwo fully padded swivel-action seats
Copious storage and organizational opportunities via thoughtfully designed compartmentsOnboard and bow-situated navigational lights provide superior visibility in darker conditions such as evening kayaking


Drawbacks and Miscellaneous Considerations
  • Canadian capacity standards vary. Refer to informational tag affixed to the dealership or seller’s kayak to verify capacity
  • Comes with limited lifetime deck and hull warranty
  • A one-year parts warranty offers coverage for up to one year after the date of purchase
  • The Pro 120 Kayak does not come with included motor and battery
  • Plastic has a propensity to degrade and break down over an extended time in the sunlight. Even with polyethylene constructions, kayaks are known to experience deterioration when exposed to the sun for long periods of time on a consistent basis. As a result, the Pro 120 should be stored indoors in a large storage facility that can accommodate the sheer size of the kayak.
    • If stored indoors, kayaks made from plastic or polyethylene, like the Pro 120, can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, with a much longer lifespan guaranteed by indoor storage.
    • Kayaks and boats featuring aluminum design materials have their drawbacks but are comparatively much more long-lasting than their plastic or polyethylene counterparts.
  • The live well requires a manual fill up
  • There have been occasional instances of reviewers reporting leakage after extensive sun exposure
  • The weight cap on the Pro 120 stands hard and firm and will not accommodate much more than a few pounds over the posted limit.
  • Online reviewers have reported rare instances of the wood used for the decking construction needing replacement over extended time and use. Other craftsmanship concerns include an easily scratchable hull and a drain plug with a slightly cumbersome design.

Verdict on the Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Kayak


The Pro 120 is the larger counterpart to the popular and bestselling Sun Dolphin Pro 102. The Pro 102 has long been a favorite among anglers. However, its smaller stature is geared towards individual use. Comfortably fitting two adults in the Pro 102 results in cramped conditions that can get burdensome over extensive time and travel. As a consequence, Sun Dolphin designed the Pro 120 to accommodate the needs of anglers seeking a vessel that could carry two people.

Since its inception, the Pro 120 has impressed consumers with its litany of thoughtful design elements, copious amounts of storage, robust size, exceptional handling, and roomy interior. Seamlessly able to cut through small lakes and larger bodies of water, the Pro 120 is equally adept at handling rougher water terrain via its high-performance design materials and cutting-edge construction featuring rotational hard-baked polyethylene materials.

Users can opt to use the Pro 120 as a one or two-person rig without impacting performance or stability in the least. Comfortability is paramount in this vessel and is highlighted by a thoughtful well-designed layout that takes advantage of available space and offers maximum mobility on two-person excursions.

The Pro 120 is a heavy-duty boat and is far too heavy to mount atop (most) cars and trucks. As a result, users will need to buy a trailer (or plan to put in a pick up truck bed) to store and transport the kayak to and from their water excursions.

Despite the potential need for the additional purchase of a trailer, buyers have not been dissuaded from purchasing this hot-selling boat, as sales continue to climb concurrent to countless glowing reviews consistently being posted online.


Packed full of user-friendly options such as plenty of hidden storage to accommodate small and large gear, the Pro 120 can also be accessorized to a kayaker’s every whim and desire. Easily outfitted with aftermarket options such as high-performance motors, fish finders, anchors, and essential equipment like a battery and trailer, the Pro 120 is a customizable delight and offers users the ability to personalize their watercraft to their heart’s content.

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ItemImagePrice RangePrice

Aruba 8


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Aruba 10


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Journey 10


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Excursion 10


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Bali 10


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Pro 120


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Fun, Fishing or Adventure?

The sport of fishing has become quite smitten with kayaking in recent years. In fact, Matt Powell, vice president and sports industry analyst of The NPD Group (a global information company) said this…

“There is a group of anglers who have found the fun, mobility and accessibility in kayak fishing. This sport is environmentally friendly and human-powered for outdoor enthusiasts craving a more natural experience.”

This takes us back to the beginning of the conversation and it is all about the right kayak for your needs and wants. Is this just a hobby and something you do for recreation? Are you serious about your fishing game? Maybe you are a true explorer or kayaking pro? The right equipment, in particular the right kayak, will make a difference.

Paddles are also important, so is your gear and safety equipment. However, without the right kayak, there will be something missing from the experience. There will also be more risk without a kayak that you can depend on – safety and kayaking go hand in hand.

Kayaks and More…

Sun Dolphin offers recreation-seekers, hardcore kayaking fans, anglers and others many kayaking, canoeing and paddle boat options. From accessories to a variety of reliable and safe water vessels, Sun Dolphin provides choices because finding the right fit is everything.

Not all kayaks are the same. Not every kayak will handle as well or track as easily as the right one for you. This is why Sun Dolphin offers so many quality sit-in, sit-on and fishing kayaks. When it comes to kayaks, there is no such thing as one size fits all.

No matter what your choice of water transportation, do it safely and find the best one for you. It may take a few times out on the water to get a feel for your kayak and to find your balance points. Once you get comfortable and accustomed to your new water ride though, your kayak should fit like an old shoe, comfortable and right.

Paddle On!

That should be enough to get you started and hopefully to help you find the right kayak for your needs. Remember that water safety is always priority one and after that – fun! Experience kayaking as an angler a kayaking novice or pro just do it safely and with the best kayak for you.