Old Town Predator 13

Old Town Predator 13 Review

The Old Town Predator 13 is a high-end sit-on-top fishing kayak that is brimming with features for the angler. This kayak is designed for one person, but can accommodate up to 425 pounds, so load up the gear for a long fishing trip.

This Predator is stable enough for the angler to stand and cast, and comfortable enough to paddle for hours on end. When you are ready to invest in a quality fishing kayak that will bring years of angling pleasure, the Predator 13 is worth your consideration.

The Details

The Predator 13 is 13 feet 12 inches in length, and a slim, sleek 33 and 1/2 inches wide. The Predator 13 is most touted for its stability and durability, designed to navigate larger bodies of water like bays and coastal surf.

Though the stock boat tracks very well, purchase the optional rudder for a few hundred dollars extra to enhance tracking precision.

This yak is on the heavy side, weighing in at 86 pounds without gear. Stand-up straps keep you secure and balanced for reeling in a huge catch. The Exo-Ridge deck is designed to be slip resistant so you can move about the vessel without slipping or tipping.

Stay comfortable while waiting for that nibble with the proprietary ergonomic Element seating system that allows the paddler to adjust the seat into three positions.

The Predator 13 shell is constructed of LT900 polyethylene, and the hull is comprised of six removable mounting panels so you can customize your boat without drilling. Pilot screws provide mounting space for additional rod holders, GPS units, fish finders or any other accessory you may need.

The yak is also equipped with a covered hatch and a Mod Pod in the center console to store your bait and catch. Dual-tip rod holders and retainer bungees keep your rods accessible and in place as you navigate, and the molded paddle rest keeps your oar at hand.

What Customer Say

Most customers who submit an Old Town Predator 13 review state that they are very pleased with their purchase. One Amazon reviewer touts the Predator 13 as the “best fishing kayak ever made.”

Anglers recommend adding at least one anchor trolley to the boat, and two are even more effective keeping the boat in place as you reign in your catch. A stake out pole will keep the boat stationary in shallow water.

Reviewers highly recommend the Predator 13 for seasoned paddlers, but definitely not for beginners. Compared to similar kayaks, the Old Town Predator 13 is quite a bit heavier, even when hauling no gear.

With minimal gear, the boat tops out at over 100 pounds. If the boat tips over, the novice paddler may have difficulty getting the yak right-sided.

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The Verdict

Our Old Town Predator 13 review evaluates that this kayak as an exceptional fishing boat for seasoned yakkers. From both personal experience and a study of existing customer reviews, we score the Predator 13 with an overall 5 out of 5 stars.

This boat exceeds the expectations of even the most critical angler. Though the Predator 13 carries a relatively high price tag, customers who purchased this boat state that it is worth every dime.