Intex Challenger K1 Kayak Review

For beginners who are just learning about the sport of kayaking or kayak fishing, over-spending on a new and fancy kayak is not recommended.

Instead, it makes much more sense to purchase a small and inexpensive vessel that will allow the owner to learn the nuances of the sport before making a substantial investment in equipment.

In this Intex Challenger K1 Kayak review, the benefits and possible pitfalls of buying this starter vessel with be addressed.



For the beginner or novice, nothing is gained if they can’t learn about the sport of kayaking in a vessel that provides some reasonable level of functionality. Due to its small size (30-by-15-by-108 inches (W x H x D)), the 1-person Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is best suited for calm water conditions and smaller bodies of water.

It is also easier to navigate than larger two-man vessels. At just over 20 lbs, children 10-years and older should be able to handle the vessel in safe water conditions. It comes with a comfortable adjustable seat held into position by Velcro fastening strips that are easy to relocate.

For a long day out on the water, the vessel comes with a surprising amount of storage room. The 220 lbs weight limitation allows for sufficient supplies to be placed both behind the seat and under the large cargo net located on the bow.

The aluminum oars are lightweight, but very durable. They aren’t adjustable, so other oars might be preferable.

The hand pump provides air on both the upward and downward pumping motion, which cuts inflation time in half. When finished, the deflate valve allows for quick deflation.

From there, the item is easy to fold, place in the carrying bag and store in the trunk or garage.


For beginners, reliability is a premium feature they can’t live without. While learning how to paddle and navigate the kayak, it is important that vessel be durable enough to withstand adversity.

The Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is made with 30 gauge PVC vinyl, which is designed to endure puncturing by hooks and jagged rocks that might be present in the water. It is also resistant to fading and wear and tear brought on by UV rays.

The cockpit is designed to allow for maximum comfort and mobility. Should the vessel become punctured, the repair kit is easy to used and provides a strong hold so that the vessels is still safe for use.

The primary steering device, a skeg, is removable and adjustable to help optimize steering capabilities.

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As long as this vessel is used in a safe environment and manner, owners should find it suitable for the kids.

This is not the type of kayak that should be used to break speed records or taken out into a rough water environment. While the individually inflatable I-beam floors add stability, caution should still be used when trying to move about this vessel because of its size.

In bad weather conditions, the vessel’s color scheme is easy to spot by other vessels.


Considering what the buyer is paying at $75-$150, the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak is a nice little vessel for beginners and kids. It doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility in the water, but it is well-suited to helping the user learn about the sport of kayaking at a very affordable price.