Best Bait for Bass

What Is The Best Bait For Bass?

If you are going to catch anything whether it be a fish or any other type of species, you have to use the right bait. Otherwise, you will wasting your time and effort with nothing to show for it.

When fishing for bass, there are plenty of different baits you can use. However, you need to focus on the species you are fishing for as well as the water conditions and time of year in order to select the best bass bait.

What is the Best Bass Bait?

To reiterate, you have to select the right bait based on the above factors in order to select the best bass bait. It is worth noting that bass bait comes in two general categories: live bait and manufactured artificial bait.

With the right bait and lure, you can become a successful fisherman. Here are a few of the best bass baits in each category.

Live Bait:

Aside from worms, live baits are not always available and are often difficult with which to deal. However, live baits would be preferred over artificial baits if available.

1. Insects

Insects always provide a tempting meal for bass, especially for the large mouth varieties. The most appealing insects for bass include dragonflies, hellgrammites, horseflies and and large nymphs. Many of these insects are available in bait shops or you can try to catch them live in a natural environment.

2. Frogs

While live frogs are a little bit difficult to try to fish with, the are a great snack for bass. They are considered kind of a delicacy in water areas where frogs are not common. Frogs will fight when put them on the hook and bass are attracted to both the smell and flailing action. If you want to try an artificial frog bait, you might consider the Koppers Hollow Belly Frog Bait.

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3. Bait Fish

When it comes to eating other fish, bass are considered to be among the most aggressive fish in the water. It is recommended to use fish that are common to the waterway in which you are fishing. Some of the most appealing species for bass include scuds, any type of minnow, shinners and sunfish, which are particularly appealing to large-mouth bass.

4. Crayfish

If you can find a gang hook, you might try fishing with mid to large size crayfish. There are not common, but bass will gobble them up like candy. Since they are very difficult to handle, a gang hook is preferred to give maximum control.

Manufactured Artificial Baits

When looking for the right artificial bait, you need to focus on look and scent. You want the bait to look as realistic as possible and you want the scent to be something that will attract the bass before it is able to get a visual.

1. Liquid Mayhem Bass Fishing Attractant Crawfish Scent

As a testament to how much bass enjoy a good crayfish, this product is one of the most popular on the market. It is made with concentrated real crayfish infused with baitfish enzymes and powerful amino acids that appeal to the fishes’ olfactory glands. Priced around $10 for two ounces.

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2. Yamamoto Senko Bait

Yamamoto has a great reputation for producing the most realistic artificial bait on the market. The beauty of this product is that it is nothing more than a plastic conventional roundworm at a price that is very affordable, around $1.

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3. Zoom Fluke Bait-Pack of 10

If your bass are biting on minnows, you might find success using this product. The product is a realistic version of a typical minnow with about eight different colors to choose from for different water conditions. Ten pieces for $6-$8 is an excellent investment.

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4. Berkley Gulp! 4 inch Mini Earthworms

Berkley Gulp Mini EarthwormsTraditionally, earthworms have been a favorite bait for catching bass since man began fishing. If you don’t want to crawl around in your backyard looking for bait, you might want to give this product a try. This biodegradable product is made with Gulp extreme scent dispersion and comes in two colors (brown ad green). At $4 a jar, this is a solid bargain.

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