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October 2002
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“Janes Island: A Taste of the Chesapeake” by Ryan Taylor: Destination, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
“Forward sweeping roll” by John Heath: History, Greenland, Roll technique
“Breathing with Manatees” by Elizabeth Riggs: Environment, Manatees, Endangered species
“Greenland Circumnavigation: The Final Leg” by Lonnie Dupre: Journey, Greenland
“Dehydration Elation” by Alys Culhane: Food dehydration
“The Pump and Dump” by Bjorn Olson: Technique, Emptying water from cockpit, Self-recovery
“In-Boat Stretches” by Kay Wagner: Health, Exercises, Fitness
“Whale, watching” by Malcolm Gunn: Essay, Blue whale, Baja, Humor
“Two Old Greenland Kayak Designs” by Harvey Golden: History, Greenland kayaks, Boat design
“Yakerz KUBA Breathing System” by Christopher Cunningham: Equipment review, Breathing tube
Kayak review: Java by FEATHERCRAFT, Inflatable sit-on-top

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