The Journey 12 Kayak is a member of Sun Dolphin’s family of extraordinary watercraft products. Well regarded as the ideal choice for beginning kayakers, the Journey 12 features a robust build that comfortably accommodates adult users of all sizes.

Lightweight construction and convenient size afford novice kayakers the easy transport and the ability to discover the many pleasures of kayaking on lakes, rivers, secluded fishing areas, and a range of other water environments.

Heightening the user experience are a low profile sit-on style seating area, effortless tracking and paddling motions, high-performance water traveling action, and unwavering all-over stability keeping kayakers safe and secure during their journeys.

The Journey 12 is an easy purchase decision; enabling new kayakers liberation from the confines of the shore and into the beckoning waters, this highly affordable, easy to carry, and immensely maneuverable watercraft is truly a revelation for those looking to engage in aquatic recreation.

The Journey 12 offers a copious amount of space for single kayakers. Its spacious interior is accented with a bevy of thoughtful design elements to make organization, storage, and overall efficiency a breeze.


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Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Foot Kayak

by KL Industries


Product Specs

Available colorsOlive, Sand

Check Price

Length12 feet / 366 centimeters
Width29.5 inches / 75 centimeters
Height14 inches / 36 centimeters
Weight48 pounds / 108 kilograms
Shipping Weight54 pounds / 24 kilograms
Kayak TypeSit-on
Seating CapacityOne person
Capacity395 pounds / 179 kilograms


Key Features and Highlights

Durable shock cord deck riggingRetracting carry handles for easy transport
Conveniently integrated paddle holdersFully adjustable braces for the feet
High-density polyethylene construction features ultraviolet stabilizing FortiflexIdeal for many aquatic environments including, but not limited to, lakes, rivers, and fishing locales
Open cockpit style design enables effortlessly easy on-deck entrySeat is fully adjustable to perfectly accommodate a wide range of body types, weights, and heights
Tow-behind design ability for extra gear, equipment, and moreOnboard portable accessory carriers provide generous storage and organizational opportunities
Expansive seating area with comfort paddingUltra-protective thigh pads
Lightweight constructionOffers maximum stability in a range of water terrains
Three fishing rod holders including dual flush mounted and a single swivel rod holderEffortless tracking and paddling gives novice kayakers ease of mobility and heightened performance


Drawbacks and Miscellaneous Considerations

  • Comes with a limited lifetime deck and hull warranty
  • Canadian capacity standards vary. Refer to informational tag affixed to the dealership or seller’s kayak to verify capacity
  • A one-year parts warranty offers coverage for up to one year after the date of purchase
  • Limited access between hulls results in difficulty performing repairs or modifications
  • Some storage compartments feature a small and awkward fit
  • Absence of scuppers preventing wet seating and deck
  • Lack of side handles creates slightly cumbersome transport issues
  • Overall construction affords stability but detracts from speed

Review of Sun Dolphin Journey 12 Kayak


Geared for ready-to-go use, Sun Dolphin Journey 12 kayak offers thrilling, high-performance water adventures for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Outfitted with dual flush mounted rod holders and a single swivel-action rod holder, the Journey 12 kayak offers impressive maneuverability and unparalleled tracking ability on the open waters.

With a smaller stature designed for single kayaker use, the large and expansive cockpit style seating area enables effortless entry and plenty of onboard mobility and comfort. Kayakers of all shapes and sizes are able to enjoy the versatile Journey 12; from the copious interior space to the fully adjustable foot braces, convenience and ease of use are paramount in this user-friendly vessel.

A multitude of thoughtful design components can be found within the Journey 12. Of particular note is the ultra-convenient portable accessory carrier offering plenty of extra storage along with an ability to be towed behind the kayak, as opposed to taking up valuable onboard space.

Nearly anything can be stored in the portable accessory carrier – extra supplies, gear, and important fishing equipment like tackles and bait can efficiently be transported along with kayakers. The versatility of the portable accessory carrier is further exemplified by its ability to be transformed into a handy backpack to tote along while on shore.

The Journey 12 is distinct from its Journey 10 counterpart through its vastly increased stability. Able to sturdily navigate slightly rougher waters with ease, the Journey 12 features just enough length to be the perfect vessel in a range of water environments and terrains.

Consumers appreciate the heightened stability found on the Journey 12, although many bemoan the fact that the increased size is resultant in a kayak that can feel remarkably slow at times. At over two and a half feet wide and featuring a hull that greatly aids in ensuring comprehensive stability, this kayak is built for security and safety from the beginning to the end of your travel excursion.

Unfortunately, the elements comprising the kayak’s build detract from speed performance and renders the kayak most appropriate for smaller bodies of water. Kayakers who desire excursions in the torrential waters of rivers and oceans should instead opt for a touring-style kayak made to withstand the roughest of water conditions.

Despite the lack of speed, the Journey 12 remains a consumer favorite for its robust construction and immense stability, along with its relative ease of use. Cutting through gentle waters smoothly, the Journey 12 is easy to paddle, maneuver, and offers plenty of safe fun for users of all ages and experience levels.

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