Sun Dolphin’s Aruba 8 water traveler is the leading choice for kayakers seeking an expeditious vessel with plenty of hustle, vigor, and pep.

Remarkably compact, this zippy kayak affords users a wealth of performance attributes, most notably heightened maneuverability for an agile, nimble ride that will have kayakers eager to advance on the open waters.

The Aruba 8 kayak increased speed is resultant from the reduced overall dimensions compared to its larger counterparts such as the Aruba 10, Aruba 12, and the Excursion 10.

In general, the larger dimensions of more robust kayaks offer increased stability but less speed than smaller models. Smaller kayaks such as the Aruba 8 feature lighter weights from a reduced amount of heavy construction materials, in addition to an overall smaller size that results in a peppy ride at speeds that simply can’t be found in weightier vessels.

Read on below to learn more about the bestselling Aruba 8 kayak from Sun Dolphin!



Sun Dolphin Aruba 8-Foot Sit-In Kayak

Product Specs

Available colorsOcean, Red, Tangerine

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Length8 feet / 244 centimeters
Width28 inches / 71 centimeters
Height16 inches / 41 centimeters
Weight27 pounds / 12 kilograms
Capacity260 pounds


Key Features

Dry-storage compartment keeps essentials safeExpansive cockpit accommodates a variety of differently sized kayakers
Bungee-style shock cord deck rigging secures gear and equipment safelyUser-friendly integrated molded paddle holder
Included spray collarBright color options provide easy-to-see visibility on the water
Convenient carrying handles make transport easyPolyethylene body featuring ultraviolet stabilized protective Fortiflex
Lighter weight enables easy transportCushioned adjustable seat
Enables users to effortlessly paddle and track without compromising stabilityConvenient built-in deeply recessed water bottle holder


Consumers love this entry-level kayak with its budget-oriented pricing, peppy performance ability, and cheerfully bright color options. Available in vivid hues such as tangerine, red, and a beautiful bright Ocean blue, the Aruba 8 is a sight to behold on the waters.

Performance-oriented, this compact kayak is remarkably quick. With its slightly increased height, two-foot reduction in overall length from the competing Aruba 10, and immensely low weight of just twenty-seven pounds, the Aruba 8 offers kayakers the fast-paced ride they desire along with a sufficient degree of stability to ensure safe water travels.

There is an abundance of reasons as to why legions of consumers opt for the Aruba 8 over the larger sized Aruba 10 and Aruba 12 models.

Aside from the immense reduction in size that ultimately provides the kind of speed performance kayakers are seeking, the Aruba 8 is incredibly affordable and priced at just under $200. In comparison, the Aruba 10 and 12 are available at anywhere from $237 to $699 and $448 to $899, respectively.

Increasing consumer desire are the user-friendly, convenient carrying handles that are typically not found on larger-sized kayaks.

Kayaking aficionados have long been bemoaning the fact that their beloved large-sized kayaks pose a multitude of issues in terms of carrying, transport, and storage.

With their heavy weights and long dimensions, these large kayaks are not able to fit into truck beds and also require an expansive storage space to protect from the sun and elements.

In contrast, the Aruba 8 has compact dimensions that render it an easily portable that is effortlessly carried and stored. With its lightweight and user-friendly carry handles, moving this kayak is a breeze.

Highlighting the convenience factor is the fact that the Aruba 8 is diminutive enough to be placed on many types of truck beds, within large SUVs and atop automobile roof racks.


Benefits of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 8

  •  Budget-oriented – priced at just under $200. Enables beginning kayakers an easily affordable entry option into discovering the world of kayaking. Kayaking aficionados are also able to purchase the Aruba 8 to add to their fleet as an extra kayak
  • Features carrying handles – very important for many kayakers, the carrying handles enable effortless transport to and from the car to the water, in addition to enabling easy lifting and storage
  • Unparalleled speed – Among the smallest, most lightweight kayaks on the market, the Aruba 8 offers a speedy ride in a spectrum of locales such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and fishing spots
  • Unique color options feature cheerily vivid hues that offer a pop of color on the water, while also providing optimal visibility for users to prevent against collisions
  • Versatile – Great for occasional kayakers, novices, avid paddlers, and seasoned pros
  • Design construction featuring smaller overall dimensions but a taller height along with a lack of accessories results in a 10-pound increase (260 pounds) in accommodating weight (when compared to the Aruba 10 and its 250-pound weight capacity)
  • Sleek, low profile kayak offers a pleasantly quiet ride
  • Included spray deflectors enable users to effectively take on rapid water conditions (such as in rivers) without the risk of becoming soaked in airborne water
  • A highly customizable vessel that users can modify and personalize to reflect their personality and meet their individual needs
  • Adjustable design on leg straps and seats allows users to customize the interior for optimal comfort
  • Can easily accommodate a range of accessories such as add-on fishing rod holders or outriggers to provide heightened anchoring weight while on fishing excursions
  • A fantastic starter option for kids who want to venture into kayaking


Drawbacks of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 8

  •  Sits somewhat low in the water
  • Features a slightly higher overall height which may prove cumbersome in for casting, reeling, and overall user maneuverability while in the cockpit
  • Lower degree of stability is resultant from the vessels lighter weight, smaller proportions, and reduced measurements
  • Diminutively-sized dry storage compartment cannot accommodate many items
  • Seat features lower-end materials than more expensive models from Sun Dolphin
  • No foot braces or foot pegs to rest feet
  • Lacks fishing rod holders
  • Reduced tracking ability
  • No additional storage such as a tow-behind Personal Accessory Carrier