Sun Dolphin’s extensive fleet of exceptionally built watercrafts are the leading choice for kayakers, recreational fishers, canoers, and more. Holding true to their adage of being “built for a lifetime of enjoyment,” Sun Dolphin continues to make the best aquatic equipment on the market, with their products encompassing the virtues of performance, affordability, and reliability.

Among their current outstanding lineup of kayaks, Sun Dolphin Pro 120 stands apart from its counterparts as a tour de force in water travel. The Pro 120’s impressive countenance is comprised of substantial polyethylene materials, attractive forest green, and soft beige color combinations, and rugged looks to result in a kayak that is highly suggestive of thrilling water excursions and aquatic adventures.

The tremendous size of the Pro 120 does not inhibit performance whatsoever. Offering unruffled and velvety smooth rides throughout the open water, the Pro 120 is a high-performance piece of equipment that consistently delivers the results that seasoned kayakers demand and expect.

Read on below to learn more about Sun Dolphin Pro 120 kayak. Our informative primer is packed full of product specifications, benefits, highlights, and pricing in addition to a thoroughly extensive review and useful tips and recommendations.



Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Fishing Boat

by KL Industries


Product Specs

Available colorsForest Green / Soft Beige

Check Price

Length11 feet 3 inches / 343 centimeters
Width5 feet 2 inches / 157 centimeters
Height24 inches / 61 centimeters
Weight238 pounds / 108 kilograms
Shaft Length3 feet
Seating Capacity2 People
Capacity600 pounds / 272 kilograms
OptionsRecreational or fishing kayak models
Horsepower15 horsepower rating
Trolling Motor Maximum Thrust40 pounds


Key Features and Highlights

Included oarlock socketsPressure treated .75-inch thick plywood deck construction
In-built motor mountFully fused operator control panel
High-density polyethylene construction features ultraviolet stabilizing FortiflexCasting deck with heavy duty and long-lasting carpeting materials
Floor construction featuring foam injected materials including polyethyleneDual swiveling seats offer plenty of paddled comfort
Additional stability, rigidity, and control is provided through aluminum stringersElectric trolling motor featuring a pre-wired design
Approved to meet United States Coast Guard and CE safety specificationsSpacious aerating and self-draining livewell
Proprietary tri-hull design offers fantastic control, stability, and range of movementIndustrial-grade anodized aluminum handrails for exceptional safety and security
Conveniently integrated rod holdersTwo fully padded swivel-action seats
Copious storage and organizational opportunities via thoughtfully designed compartmentsOnboard and bow-situated navigational lights provide superior visibility in darker conditions such as evening kayaking


Drawbacks and Miscellaneous Considerations

  • Canadian capacity standards vary. Refer to informational tag affixed to the dealership or seller’s kayak to verify capacity
  • Comes with limited lifetime deck and hull warranty
  • A one-year parts warranty offers coverage for up to one year after the date of purchase
  • The Pro 120 Kayak does not come with included motor and battery
  • Plastic has a propensity to degrade and break down over an extended time in the sunlight. Even with polyethylene constructions, kayaks are known to experience deterioration when exposed to the sun for long periods of time on a consistent basis. As a result, the Pro 120 should be stored indoors in a large storage facility that can accommodate the sheer size of the kayak.
    • If stored indoors, kayaks made from plastic or polyethylene, like the Pro 120, can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, with a much longer lifespan guaranteed by indoor storage.
    • Kayaks and boats featuring aluminum design materials have their drawbacks but are comparatively much more long-lasting than their plastic or polyethylene counterparts.
  • The live well requires a manual fill up
  • There have been occasional instances of reviewers reporting leakage after extensive sun exposure
  • The weight cap on the Pro 120 stands hard and firm and will not accommodate much more than a few pounds over the posted limit.
  • Online reviewers have reported rare instances of the wood used for the decking construction needing replacement over extended time and use. Other craftsmanship concerns include an easily scratchable hull and a drain plug with a slightly cumbersome design.

Review of the Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Kayak


The Pro 120 is the larger counterpart to the popular and bestselling Sun Dolphin Pro 102 kayak. The Pro 102 has long been a favorite among kayakers. However, its smaller stature is geared towards individual use. Comfortably fitting two adults in the Pro 102 results in cramped conditions that can get burdensome over extensive time and travel. As a consequence, Sun Dolphin designed the Pro 120 to accommodate the needs of kayakers seeking a vessel that could carry two people.

Since its inception, the Pro 120 has impressed consumers with its litany of thoughtful design elements, copious amounts of storage, robust size, exceptional handling, and roomy interior. Seamlessly able to cut through small lakes and larger bodies of water, the Pro 120 is equally adept at handling rougher water terrain via its high-performance design materials and cutting-edge construction featuring rotational hard-baked polyethylene materials.

Users can opt to use the Pro 120 as a one or two-person rig without impacting performance or stability in the least. Comfortability is paramount in this vessel and is highlighted by a thoughtful well-designed layout that takes advantage of available space and offers maximum mobility on two-person excursions.

The Pro 120 is a heavy-duty kayak and is far too heavy to mount atop cars and trucks. As a result, users will need to buy a trailer to store and transport the kayak to and from their water excursions.

Despite the need for the additional purchase of a trailer, buyers have not been dissuaded from purchasing this hot-selling kayak, as sales continue to climb concurrent to countless glowing reviews consistently being posted online.

Packed full of user-friendly options such as plenty of hidden storage to accommodate small and large gear, the Pro 120 can also be accessorized to a kayaker’s every whim and desire. Easily outfitted with aftermarket options such as high-performance motors, fish finders, anchors, and essential equipment like a battery and trailer, the Pro 120 is a customizable delight and offers users the ability to personalize their watercraft to their heart’s content.

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