Sun Dolphin proclaims their kayaks to be “built for a lifetime of enjoyment,” and enabling kayakers to experience the water in a thrilling, unprecedented fashion. Sun Dolphin full lineup of kayaks come in a vast array of colors, models, and price points to fit the specific needs and budget of every buyer.

Heralded for their exceptionally smooth rides, Sun Dolphin watercraft fleet are used in myriad aquatic activities from canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and particularly kayaking.

The company’s high-performance Evoke polyethylene rotomolded kayaks exemplify their commitment to creating high-end performance products that deliver the stability, security, and comfort kayakers demand and desire.

Lauded by kayaking professionals as the best-bang-for-the-buck kayak available on the market, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 is ideal for adventurers looking for the perfect combination of value, performance, and durability.

Used by novice kayakers and seasoned professionals alike, the Sun Dolphin Aruba comes in a recreational model in addition to a fishing model for hobbyists.




Read on below to discover all the most essential information about the Sun Dolphin Aruba 12, including but not limited to, pricing, product specifics, and a wealth of useful tips and advice.


Sun Dolphin Aruba SS Sit-In Kayak


Product Specs

Available colorsBlue, Lime, Red

Check Price

Length12 feet / 366 centimeters
Width29.5 inches / 75 centimeters
Height13.5 inches / 33 centimeters
Weight47 pounds / 21 kilograms
Capacity395 pounds / 179 kilograms
OptionsRecreational or fishing kayak models


Key Features

Hands-free console for electronic devicesLarge expansive cockpit for unparalleled comfort
Adjustable braces for the feetConvenient paddle holder
Thick padded protection for thighsFully removable additional storage options
Multiple holders for beverages and waterArray of handy storage and organizational compartments
Convenient carrying handles for easy transportAdjustable seats with comfort padding
Deck rigging with durable shock cords to secure paddles, boat covers, and leashesOptional aftermarket dry bag and bluetooth equipment available



The Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 SS kayak from KL industries is the archetypal kayak for water enthusiasts and fishing aficionados. Providing secure, stable, and comfortable rides on each and every outing, the Aruba 12 SS is as reliable as they come.

Amongst the hundreds of competing products on the kayak market, the Aruba 12 SS stands out as a distinctive choice that encompasses affordability while providing high performance and robust durability.

The impressive strength of the Aruba is due in large part to its special “Evoke”
Polyethylene rotomolded construction. Far superior to fiberglass kayaks, this type of construction refers to the process of rotational molding which involves a slow and consistent rotation during the cooking of the polyethylene plastic used to fabricate the kayak.

During rotations, the polyethylene is slowly rendered to a liquid state and gradually moves to completely coat the surface of the mold in a smooth, even fashion. As a result of the rotational cooking, the finished product is rock-hard, immensely durable, and ideal for the long shape of traditional kayaks.

A kayak is only as good as the mold it is created from, and Sun Dolphin’s unrelenting pursuit of being the premier choice for contemporary markets has garnered them a reputation as being the source behind the best molds available anywhere.

The Aruba 12 exemplifies Sun Dolphin’s dogged commitment to sheer excellence; via the painstaking process involving the rotomolded polyethylene construction, this kayak is incredibly hard, with durable construction and smooth, even polish that is resultant in this large-sized kayak effortlessly gliding across the open water in a graceful yet purposeful manner.

Highlighting the Aruba’s impeccable construction are a vast array of benefits that create a wonderfully thrilling user experience. These benefits include, but are not limited to the following:

Benefits and Highlights

Effortless on-board loading and unloadingIncreased durability and ease of repairing from polyethylene construction
Copious amount of room for gear and equipmentStable and sturdy even in windy conditions
Protective console coveringIncluded spray collar
Superior construction enables exceptionally smooth travel across waterFlush mounted rod holders on fishing model kayaks
Premium design materials incorporated into interior and exterior constructionsFirst-rate steering and tracking abilities
Copious amount of space for comfort across extended journeysEasy portability
Ultraviolet stabilized finish withstands all weather conditionsSuperior stability even in rougher water conditions


Water enthusiasts the world over recognize Sun Dolphin as the premier brand for recreational and fishing kayaks. Seasoned pros are well aware that cheaper, lower quality kayaks can significantly diminish the potential for having great aquatic experiences.

Sun Dolphin aims to fulfill the needs of kayakers, whether they are seasoned professionals or novices just entering the world of kayaking. With their highly affordable Aruba 12 kayak, Sun Dolphin has created a large-scale kayak offering plenty of interior room, ultra-convenient features, and a high-performance body that effortlessly cuts through the open water.

If you are looking for the absolute best kayak on the market, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 12 is undoubtedly the model to invest in. Backed by countless glowing online reviews, years of cutting-edge design research, and an internationally renowned reputation, Sun Dolphin and its Aruba 12 are a fundamental essential to starting your next journey across the open waters.

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