Product Reviews

At Sea Kayaker Mag, we’re all about the adventure and thrill of kayaking! We love nothing more than helping new kayakers get out on the water and advanced paddlers improve their gear, technique, or adventures. Navigating through kayaking gear can be trickier than route finding on a multi-day ocean paddle–that’s why we’ve mapped it all out for you here. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just purchasing your first boat, we’ve ranked and reviewed the best kayaking gear on the market to suit any adventure, big or small.


Whether you’re looking for an ocean kayak for leisurely afternoons, or a sea kayak for long paddles over large distances, we’ve ranked and reviewed the best options out there.

Kayak Gear

There’s more to kayaking than just the boat and paddle. Look here for all the best gear in the kayaking world, from drysuits to water filtration systems to life jackets to paddles.

Kayak Apparel

Head to toe you will need to piece together apparel and accessories for your kayaking adventures. Make sure you are outfitted in the best gear for you and your safety. From water shoes to life jackets to drysuits we have reviewed the best picks!


Fish!–It’s what’s for dinner! The sport of fishing can require a lot of different products and gear lists and we are here to simplify it for you. There are hundreds of fishing products out there to compare and rate. Check out the ones we have reviewed below.

Tips and Guides

Kayaking and Fishing can seem like a big sport to get into. You will hear all sorts of stories and tips from fellow kayakers. We have compiled more here to help you get into kayaking, progress in your skill, and even make you laugh!