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Spring 1989
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“Fridel” by White, Daniel and Byde: History, German circumnavigates Britain, Journey
“Osprey” by Lori Wilson: Birds, Osprey
“Night Paddling” by Joanne Turner: Night paddling, Personal account
“Quebec’s Mingan Islands” by Scott Cunningham: Destinations
“The Immutable Laws of Expedition Planning - Part II” by G. Paula Raffe: Expeditions,
“Around Japan in 112 Days” by Paul Caffyn: Japan, Circumnavigation, Journey
“Return to the Sea - The Growth of Kayaking in Japan” by Ranolf Innes-Taylor: Japan
“Pitfalls of Paradise - Medical Self-Care in the Tropics” by Will Jackson: Health, Tropical hazards, Hyperthermia, Marine animals, Bites and stings
“Bulletin: California Fatalities” by George Butler: Accident report, California shark attack
“El Golfo” by Wayne Haack: Journey, Gulf of California, Baja, Crossing to mainland journey
“Planning Ahead” by David Burch: Navigation, Planning, Tides and currents
“Sea Caves” by Soares and Kakuk: Sea caves, California personal accounts
“Water, Water Everywhere” by Joel McNamara: Health, Finding water, Foraging, Stills and desalinators
“Book Review, Fitzhugh and Crowell, Eds.: Crossroads of Continents
“Book Review, Hutchinson, Derek: Eskimo Rolling

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