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Winter 1985
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“The Mackenzie Eskimo Kayak” by David Zimmerly: History, Mackenzie Delta Eskimo kayaks, Traditional kayaks
“Frankton” by Alan Byde: History, World War II raid, Military, Kayak raid
“The Bald Eagle” by Lori Wilson: Birds, Bald eagle
“Of Manatees and Men” by Ed Sobey: Marine mammals, Manatees, Florida
“The Everglades” by Ken Horwitz: Florida, Everglades journey
“Ellesmere with Jim Allan” Biography, Jim Allan, Arctic, Contemporary travel
“Of Risk, Knowledge, Choice and Special Vulnerabilities” by Matt Broze: Accident report, British Columbia and Washington, Sudden drowning
“Survival Swimming” by Eric Soares: Swimming, Techniques and equipment, Surf, Safety, PFDs
“Crossing Currents: Part 1” by David Burch: Navigation, Crossing currents, Ferrying (ferry guide),
Crossword puzzle
Self-Propulsion Basics” by Lee Moyer: Paddling, Basic techniques
“The Protein Myth” by Creig Hoyt: Health, Protein and diet, Food
“What to Eat?” by Dorcas Miller: Food, Protein and diet
“Four Little Recipes” by Dorcas Miller: Food, recipes
“The Vow of Silence” by John Ince: Silence, Paddling without speaking, Essay
“The Starship and the Canoe on the Road” by George Dyson: Biography, George Dyson
“Paddling Jackets” by David Smith: Jackets, Taiga, Patagonia and Blue Puma reviewed,
Book Reviews, Hutchinson, Derek: Derek Hutchinson’s Guide to Sea Kayaking
“Kayak Race” by Peter Donnelly: Computers, Kayak game

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