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Our Journey's End
For nearly 30 years, Sea Kayaker magazine has been an exemplary cornerstone of the sea kayaking community and a defining influence for the standards of our sport. We’ve been pleased and proud to share 157 issues with the kayaking community, but now we must announce with great regret and sadness that the February/March 2014 issue of Sea Kayaker magazine will be our last. In the course of our many years of service to kayakers around the world, we’ve seen many changes in sea kayaking, the industry it supports, and the business of print and web media. For our first two decades the changes generally worked in our favor, but over this past decade, the tide slowly turned. Though the magazine and the website continue to draw nearly universal praise from our readers, we recently recognized that we’ve been paddling against an overwhelming current and it’s time to come ashore.

And so, we’re celebrating the final chapter of the Sea Kayaker legacy with our special 158th issue. Current subscribers will receive the February/March 2014 issue in print, digital or both per your subscription.

Subscriber Information
It is difficult to bring an end to a publication supported by subscriptions. For many of our loyal readers, this last issue will be shy of the number of issues they expect to receive. We have been working with Rapid Media ( and have arranged for our incomplete subscriptions to be fulfilled by Adventure Kayak, a magazine devoted to sea kayak touring. Our subscribers will receive an issue of Adventure Kayak for every issue remaining on their subscription. We encourage you to give the magazine a try. Rapid’s founder and publisher, Scott MacGregor, has graciously invited Chris Cunningham,our editor, to contribute to Adventure Kayak and he looks forward to adding a touch of Sea Kayaker and some of his views to the magazine.

If the February/March 2014 issue is not part of your subscription, and you'd like this piece of history, it can be ordered as a back issue from the categories to the left in both print and digital.

All of us at Sea Kayaker thank you for the many years of support.

Farewells From Our Readers
“The news that you will cease publication with the Feb. issue is very, very sad news, indeed, and came as a complete surprise. Although I am not a touring kayaker, I long to be. My wife is not at all interested in kayaking, and my paddling is limited to surfing and day outings. That said, I've always enjoyed reading the touring articles--they're usually the first thing I turn to, though I always read every issue cover-to-cover. I know that I've learned a lot from these and other articles and I believe that Sea Kayaker has made me a more aware, conscientious, and safer paddler. Thank you for the depth and seriousness of your articles, and for not being afraid to say things that needed to be said, without regard to possible consequences (i.e. to SK). (Though I'm sure that there very much was a lot of thought that went into what you would publish.)”
Regards, Mike B.

"Dear Sea Kayaker team: I am so sorry you are ceasing publication, although I understand the reasons for this difficult decision. As a relative newcomer to sea kayaking, I have read every back issue (and current issue, of course!) I could get hold of and have benefited from the wisdom, and cautionary tales, shared by you and your contributors. I, and many others, will miss you.
I wish all of you all the best in your future endeavors.
Happy paddling! Angela H.

"Thank-you Sea Kayaker! I am so saddened to hear that there will be no more fantastic magazine arriving every couple of months. It really does feel like part of my community has passed away. I always enjoyed Sea Kayaker and wished one day to complete an expedition worthy of being published in this fabulous mag!
Best wishes to all SK staff. Cheers, Nick.

"Dear Chris and Sea Kayaker staff, Out here in NC, and not part of the industry, we Sea Kayaker readers were all caught by surprise by the news delivered in our final issue of the magazine. Wailing and gnashing of teeth!
You did yourselves proud with that last issue -- very rich, with more articles than usual. I got back from the Everglades a week ago, so that article about Florida Bay is especially interesting to me. So is the safety article (as always). And so are the letters to the editor, which are pretty moving. Clearly, your magazine is loved. How many publications can say that?
If I could have written one of those published letters, I'd have told you that Sea Kayaker always struck me as being the New Yorker for paddlers.(Or, come to think of it, Wooden Boat.) It offered good, long, literate articles for people who really like to read. I'm one of those people. I watched the articles in other outdoor magazines be reduced to about 6 to 8 pitiful paragraphs. I was so grateful for Sea Kayaker!
It is hard to believe that rising generations of kayakers won't want to go journeying in their boats -- won't want to move up from the 10-footers to the 14- to 18-foot kayaks in which they can take long-planned trips. So we'll see what happens -- and where people will seek inspiration and tell their own stories.
Thanks for the good years! Good luck to all of you. Ginger T."

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